Photo Project 365

This is a photo blog focused on but not limited to study of composition and tonal relations in photographs.

It is a continuation my Project 365 from 2010 a moderately successful attempt to make and publish one photography each day for one year.

The Project lost it's steam somewhere half along the way and this place became a depository of my more satisfying photos.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A year has passed

Last Thursday was 365 days away since my first photograph published on Darkness to Light and Back. I did not manage to keep my discipline and inspiration long enough to call it a success. I wouldn't dare to call it a failure nevertheless.

I was changing a job, I found other time-consuming hobbies, so there were reasons to take the pressure of this one. There always are.

What were my goals? Let's see:

This is for me both a way of motivating myself to take the camera and think about opportunities as well as a chance to start another blog and keep it going after previous have been sadly neglected.

(...) as the name suggests my photos mainly deal with light and shadow: the contrasts, the grays in between and black and white photos. I also prefer working with the natural light than with the strobes as it is easier for me to become charmed by the great quality of natural arrangement of things than to imagine a scene and recreate it with artificial means.
+   I learned to carry a camera with me all the time. 
+   I learned to think about the shot before I take it
+   I grew to appreciate my compact camera and the one in my mobile phone
+   I started a blog which I like and which I will not abandon for some more time
+   I will start another project from the 1st of January

-   I did not learn to keep up the 'photographic eye' state of mind at all times
-   I didn't manage to actively explore the rules of composition through practice
-   I failed to remain motivated by the Project after about 4 months

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