Photo Project 365

This is a photo blog focused on but not limited to study of composition and tonal relations in photographs.

It is a continuation my Project 365 from 2010 a moderately successful attempt to make and publish one photography each day for one year.

The Project lost it's steam somewhere half along the way and this place became a depository of my more satisfying photos.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

D 38 - Not a square

Today I was looking for a square compositions to continue the geometric theme.


E-510 with Helios 44-4 lens.

What I learned

Squares never quite worked out for me. The box was rectangular, yes. Yet the first shots I made proved to consist of triangles as far as composition was concerned. The later photos which I made straight from the front of the box were not anything that I would like to share, so I posted the triangular one.
It could be worse, I could be stuck with only square compositions unable to come up anything more dynamic.

Anyway tomorrow I'm back to square (one).

I've been looking for usable range of applications the highest ISO setting in my Olympus but without any firm success.


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